This 1999 midnight movie by Greek director Panos H. Koutras has all the giddy freakishness of John Waters: a flying saucer commanded by scantily clad bimbos zaps a slice of moussaka, turning it into an immense blob that terrorizes Athens on its march to the sea. Among the characters drawn together by this crisis are a team of bisexual astronomers in pink lab coats, an ambitious government minister and his coke-snorting American wife, a bitchy TV reporter, and a pudgy fashion designer (played with campy insouciance by Divine-like female impersonator Yiannis Aggelakis). Never mind the black holes in the plot, the cheesy special effects, the occasional limp jab at the media or Greek food—Koutras is most interested in paying homage to 1950s sci-fi and other genres, the flamboyant peformances and decor heightening the sense of delirious excess. 103 min.