In this debut feature from Iranian writer-director Sadaf Foroughi, an insightful 16-year-old in Tehran rebels against her controlling mother and the principal of her strict all-girl high school. Mahour Jabbari is fierce and believable as the title character, who’d like to pursue music and casually date boys; when Ava’s mother learns that Ava hung out with a boy in a park, she takes her daughter to a doctor to confirm that she’s still a virgin. Meanwhile, Ava’s sanctimonious principal encourages students to rat each other out for impropriety, a pattern Ava sees play out in the older generation when her mother lambastes her best friend’s mother for leaving her husband. Foroughi’s visual storytelling is impressive: unconventional angles position Ava at the edge of the frame or partially obscure her and the figures around her, accentuating the character’s feelings of ostracism, though she moves closer to the frame’s center as her confidence grows. In Persian with subtitles.