This movie’s producer, volatile Roc-a-Fella cofounder Damon Dash, outdoes the rest of the participants in a 1999 Def Jam/Roc-a-Fella Records concert tour at seeming uninhibited in front of the camera. The 2000 movie’s chaotically edited 87 minutes—an astonishing number of shots are less than two seconds long—contain bits and pieces of performance footage, interviews, and apparently candid shots, many of which are overflowing with references to the filmmaking process. People frequently cover the camera lens with their hands or refer to the “documentary” being filmed, as if to assure us that what we’re seeing is real. In one way or another the artists and promoters repeatedly say fuck you to the fans, to one another, and to the filmmakers, who prove only slightly more powerful by exposing this. Directed by Chris Fiore; with Jay-Z, DMX, Beanie Sigel, Redman, Method Man, and Ja Rule.