“All our lives we’ve been bad boys, now it’s time to be good men.” Franchise revivals can be tricky, but Martin Lawrence and Will Smith prove that the third time really is the charm in the long-awaited third installment of the Bad Boys film franchise. Bad Boys For Life finds Miami Police Officers Mike (Smith) and Marcus (Lawrence) at a crossroads in their partnership and friendship. Marcus, a new grandfather, is ready to retire from the force while Mike swears he’ll be a “bad boy” for life. When Mike’s life is threatened by someone from his past, Marcus decides to join him for one last ride. Wildly funny and surprisingly heartfelt, Bad Boys For Life has enough payoff for both longtime fans and newcomers alike while also grappling with the real-life struggles that come along with growing older. The unexpected—albeit unconvincing—twist in the film’s final act perfectly sets up a sure-to-come Bad Boys spin-off.