Cameron Diaz stars as a booze-slamming, pot-smoking, gold-digging middle school teacher in the Chicago public school system. Even a passing familiarity with our screwed-up schools, self-serving teachers union, and politics-ridden board of education might have inspired an ice-cold social satire, but of course screenwriters Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg (both veterans of NBC’s The Office) pitch this to the C students. Technically the movie is a mess—sloppy editing, obvious postdubbing, plot complications either introduced and abandoned or papered over altogether. Yet Diaz, costars Jason Segel and Justin Timberlake, and a sharp supporting cast (Lucy Punch, Phyllis Smith, Thomas Lennon, John Michael Higgins) manage to deliver a crappy good time, mercifully devoid of any heart-tugging teacher-student subplots. Jake Kasdan (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story) directed.