Two women go on a murder spree, luring their victims by having sex with them, but the mix of real sex and fake-looking violence in this 2000 French feature is curiously unprovocative. The main characters consciously imitate violent male archetypes and discuss their own actions as if they might be the movie plot points they are—and the cleverness doesn’t play. Writer-directors Virginie Despentes and Coralie Trinh Thi have seen either too many exploitation movies or too few; their use of parody, satire, and social realism doesn’t transcend these forms simply because the actors have more or less the same sex as the characters they play. Toward the beginning one of the principals masturbates to a sadistic porn movie that’s not unlike the one we’re seeing—if the filmmakers mean to implicate us, they’re awfully idealistic. With Karen Bach and Raffaela Anderson. In French with subtitles. 77 min.