A 30-ish store owner and aspiring mixed martial arts fighter runs into a former high school classmate, now working as a painter of water towers, with whom he’d lost contact; the two begin hanging out, little realizing that their friendship will change both of their lives. This locally produced drama is sweet-tempered and deeply odd—a prominent subplot involves the painter’s attempts to fly like a bird. Sanghoon Lee, directing a script he wrote with John Chang and David W. Pedersen, doesn’t portray the painter as crazy, even though there’s little to suggest that his dream of flight will come true. Rather Lee presents the character’s obsession as something he needs to work through, much like the store owner must learn to be a better father and overcome his dependence on steroids. The tender depictions of friendship and personal betterment help distract from the fact that none of the other characters (particularly the women) feel properly developed.