Band Aid

Zoe Lister-Jones wrote, coproduced, directed, stars in, and dominates nearly every scene of this hipster comedy about a feuding married couple, played by her and Adam Pally, who begin turning their frustrations into three-chord indie rock as a form of therapy and wind up fronting a popular band. Their glib, zinger-laden bickering is more wearisome than funny and never adds up to a believable relationship on the rocks, so when they start turning their spats about dirty dishes into call-and-response tunes, the collaboration seems more cute than credible. Lister-Jones’s relentless overplaying is thrown into stark relief whenever Fred Armisen sidles into a scene as the duo’s soft-spoken but bizarre next-door neighbor, who becomes the drummer for their power trio. In true romantic fashion, the couple’s problem turns out to be buried trauma rather than the personal differences that typically dissolve marriages (and bands).