A group of Miami street kids is whipped into a lean fighting unit by an Everglades Indian and set upon the city as a scourge to lawbreakers. Michael Mann (Miami Vice) produced this exercise in fascist chic, and it plays like a TV pilot filled out with a few cusswords and strokes of excess violence. Director Paul Michael Glaser (was he Starsky or was he Hutch?) can’t be bothered with characterization: he counts on our familiarity with his obvious models (which run the gamut from Dead End to The Dirty Dozen) to do his work for him, and all of the necessary steps in the narrative (the kids learning self-respect, community values, moral imperatives) are glossed over in the clumsy rush to get to the next illogically planned, indifferently executed action sequence. With Stephen Lang, Michael Carmine, Lauren Holly, and Leon Robinson.