Four guys in Raleigh form a band and go on the road in a saga that takes great pains to avoid the mockumentary approach—in fact, writer-director John Schultz?s biggest concession to that overdone mode is to insert the titles of the fictional band?s songs against a black background between shots of Kevin Corrigan, Lee Holmes, Matthew Hennessey, and Steve Parlavecchio working out the numbers. The band?s perfectly mediocre pop (written and laid down by real musicians) accompanies a story that?s both dramatic and hilarious. Schultz doesn?t patronize his characters, and he keeps his strong antibusiness rhetoric from becoming too heavy-handed by linking it firmly to the boys? growing savvy and self-awareness with a charming device—a mysterious freelance manager (Doug MacMillan) who?s deeply involved in and curiously detached from their spiritual and interstate journey.