As Beastie Boys Story opens in a live theater setting it begs the question of whether we’re in for little more than a hip-hop TED Talk, but it’s soon clear that the forum is more suitable for the group to tell their tale than the standard talking-head-filled music doc. On stage, the trio’s surviving members Ad Rock and Mike D are free to play off of each other and the energy from the crowd—it’s certainly not a Beastie Boys concert, but it’s pretty fun. The film centers on the Beastie Boys’s transformation from teenage punks to hip-hop pioneers, and their heyday as international crossover artists and festival darlings, but for all their hijinks, their story is as much about their evolution as artists as it is about their commercial success. It’s not the deepest dive, but their anecdotes, archival clips, and especially their celebration of cofounder Adam Yauch, who passed away in 2012, should engage and uplift longtime fans and newbies alike.