Set in the trendy quarters of London, Rose Troche’s lighthearted comedy tracks the budding gay romances of wry, reserved, and endearingly befuddled Leo (Kevin McKidd of Trainspotting) and his loud, flamboyant flatmate, Darren (Tom Hollander). As in her debut feature, Go Fish (1994), Troche shows a knack for capturing the bonhomie of tightly knit groups (her lampoon of Leo’s heterosexual New Age men’s group is transparent yet devastatingly funny), and most of her actors know how to enliven Robert Farrar’s glib, occasionally precious dialogue. Insistently cheerful and nonjudgmental, the film steers clear of deeper or more complicated emotions—as did Four Weddings and a Funeral, which it resembles in some ways. With Hugo Weaving (as Darren’s naughty boyfriend), Jennifer Ehle, and Simon Callow.