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Though frustratingly superficial and shot through a nostalgic, rose-colored lens, this enthralling 2010 doc opens a wider window on forgotten world of burlesque shows than anything I’ve previously seen. Director Leslie Zemeckis weaves together naughty vintage strip-show footage and interviews with chipper old grannies who spill the beans on their pulchritudinous pasts, but it’s worth remembering that these gals are the emotionally sturdy ones who didn’t commit drink or drug themselves to death as many others did. Their tales of showbiz camaraderie and backstage rivalry are intermittently inflected with undertones of sordidness and sadness that the filmmaker could have done more with, and it would have been nice to get some clearer background on legal framework within which the bump-and-grind industry operated. But as far as it goes, it’s a fascinating historical document.