Spanish director Ventura Pons clearly intended this to be a moody meditation on love and friendship. It references every kind of love imaginable—young love, old love, parental love, unrequited love, love between old friends, lust disguised as love. Yet it’s remarkably cold; Jesus Escosa’s slick cinematography turns every frame into a fashion spread, and even a scene of a lonely old man getting clobbered by an angry hustler looks glamorous. Josep M. Benet Ijornet’s screenplay, adapted from his play Testament, is heavy with long, digressive conversations and heartfelt but tiresome monologues. The story revolves around two old friends, one straight and one gay, and the straight one’s pregnant teenage daughter, but Ijornet’s disjointed scenes never quite add up. The acting is strictly soap opera, some of the players turning in passable performances while others chew the scenery with an intensity verging on camp.