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Below The Fold is a matter-of-fact procedural that’ll feel familiar. The title is a reference to news deemed less noteworthy, relegated to the lower half of a newspaper where it isn’t instantly visible. Enter veteran reporter David Fremont (Davis DeRock) and new reporter Lisa (Sarah McGuire), former flames who are assigned to revisit a cold case on the cusp of its tenth anniversary. Set in Skidmore, Missouri, the film feels like an homage to David Fincher as the reporters traverse a moody rural landscape searching for answers à la Zodiac. The case at the center of the film is about, you guessed it, a missing girl, and when new attention reveals harrowing information, it sends David and Lisa on an all-consuming pursuit for the truth, which may be in reach. Twists and turns abound, and while they’re as expected as the rest of the beats in Below the Fold, they’re also engaging enough to entertain. 92 min.

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