Courtesy jujuminx_xx on Instagram

This year no one repped Chicago queer nightlife like fat daddy dom bitch Juju Minxxx, the leather-clad nonbinary darling of OutTV’s reality game show Hot Haus. The show brings together seven contestants with diverse experiences as sex workers—from burlesque performers to sex educators to porn stars—to compete for the honor of “next queer sex icon.” Minxxx shows brightly with the kinky creativity, intention, and DIY spirit so unique to the Windy City’s gay underground.

While it’s a treat watching them decked out in sparkling vinyl BDSM gear from local maker Gnat Glitter Kink (first seen in episode one as they ride a rainbow unicorn, then again during episode two’s award ceremony), their all-star moments are when they get to celebrate being a trans daddy: joking about being a “bonus-hole boi” (a masc who’s comfortable receiving it in both the front and the rear); twirling their strap-on beneath a pair of shorts to entice a pretend “ex-lover” for a scene; performing sex and gender education during a sexy cameo on CAM4; and joyously rapping about the “too muchness” of being gay, trans, Black, and fat by answering “Why am I so much?” with “Maybe you’re not enough!”

It’s not always fun, though. As they explain during a roommate heart-to-heart: “I’ve done different kinds of sex work, but it’s mostly been pro-domming. . . . It’s really hard for me because it can trigger my body dysmorphia as a nonbinary trans person. I feel like I have to advertise myself as this, like, [little girl voice] ‘female supremacist! I’m gonna dominate you with my teeny little pussy!’ [normal voice] It’s just too much!”

Even in their most complicated moments, Minxxx brings humor and humility to the show, making Hot Haus a must-binge for Chicagoans of every orientation.