Chinese student Chen Nian (Zhou Dongyu) falls in love with petty criminal Liu Beishan (Jackson Yee) after they become prime suspects in the murder of a school bully, Wei Lai, in Kwok Cheung Tsang’s Better Days. Chen Nian is a smart student ready for college with a well-meaning but absent mother. After showing an act of kindness to a student who commits suicide, Chen Nian finds herself the victim of bullying from the popular girls at school, led by the spoiled and vicious Wei Lai. It’s part romance, part thriller with a meet-cute fitting of the young adult-genre book it’s adapted from. It also plainly shows the challenges victims face: when Chen Nian reports the bullying, it only escalates. Better Days has quite a few twists as flashbacks tell the truth of what really happened to Wei Lai. The characters experience the struggles nearly every teenager has ever faced, like the pressure to succeed or the many ways adults fail them. It’s a genre-bending film with an important message that will connect with those who are young just as much as those who are no longer. In Mandarin with English subtitles.