Five shorts by young Asian-American filmmakers, built around product placement of the Apple iPod. In Jeff Lee’s Dream, Lover a young man catalogs the songs on his iPod so that each elicits a memory of a different woman; it’s the only one that puts the gizmo at the center of the story. Vincent Tsu’s Walking Between the Lines, about a young author wrestling with writer’s block, includes some striking industrial landscapes but is generally pretentious. Jimmy Tsai’s intermittently clever The Crossword Akumu depicts an encounter between a crossword-puzzle freak and a panda in a superhero costume who may be a hallucination induced by rancid milk. Also showing: Kuang Lee’s Glowsticks & Drumsticks, Selena Chang and Todd Tutland’s Jam, Jessica Yu’s Sour Death Balls, and Justin Lin’s Breezes. 70 min.