Camp enthusiasts should have a grand time with this 2010 Scandinavian coproduction, which features Noomi Rapace (star of the European thrillers adapted from Stieg Larsson’s books) in a role that could have been written for Elizabeth Taylor in 1965. She plays a housewife who has it all—a big suburban home, loving children, a darkly handsome spouse (Rapace’s then husband, Ola, in the Richard Burton part)—but can’t get beyond her upsetting childhood memories. Director Pernilla August precedes each of the overwrought flashbacks with a close-up of Noomi’s pained face, to stress her inner torment. The childhood scenes take place in a 1970s Sweden that looks just like the present except that everyone wears tacky vintage clothes; as the heroine’s alcoholic parents, Ville Virtanen and Kaurismaki regular Outi Mäenpää are almost as loud as the costumes. In Swedish with subtitles.