Movies about obsessed fans are invariably creepy (Misery, The King of Comedy, Play Misty for Me), but in this one nobody suffers worse than the fan himself. Patton Oswalt stars as a New York Giants diehard whose lonely job as a nighttime parking lot attendant in Staten Island gives him plenty of time to fill up a grubby notebook with paeans to his team, which he delivers over the phone to a radio call-in show. When he approaches the star quarterback in a nightclub, the spooked athlete responds by kicking his ass; the superfan is pressed to make a statement by police and urged to file a lawsuit by his ambulance-chasing brother, but the team is so integral to his fragile sense of self-worth that he won’t take action. Robert D. Siegel, whose screenplay for The Wrestler also considered the dark underbelly of professional sports, debuts here as writer-director, and though the movie isn’t much to look at, he gets a credibly dark and pathetic performance from the typically comic Oswalt.