Ang Lee (Life of Pi) directed this adaptation of Ben Fountain’s acclaimed satirical novel, about a bewildered teen soldier on leave from the Iraq war. The young man’s valor in a firefight have made him a media hero, so now everyone wants a piece of him—from the Bush administration selling the war to TV sports broadcasters chasing Nielsen numbers to a cheerleader seducing him in order to promote her homespun Christian values. With that setup, screenwriter Jean-Christophe Castelli should have been able to come up with some sharper barbs, which might have mitigated the uneven tone, inelegant editing, and scattered narrative. British newcomer Joe Alwyn stars as the emotionally scarred private, alongside Kristen Stewart, Vin Diesel, Garrett Hedlund as a sergeant with some great lines about Americans’ misunderstanding of the troops, and Steve Martin as a smooth football magnate whose patriotism ends at his bottom line.