Bisbee '17

Documentary maker Robert Greene (Actress, Kate Plays Christine) surveys the title Arizona town on the 100th anniversary of the Bisbee Deportation of 1917, when a sheriff’s posse of more than 2,000 men rounded up nearly 1,200 striking copper miners (most of them immigrants) and left them to die in the New Mexico desert. The film is rich and multifaceted, as Greene employs an array of styles (historical reenactments, direct cinema-style portraiture, musical numbers) to investigate the complex relationship between Bisbee’s past and present. Greene also thoroughly considers the town’s diverse population, interviewing artists, retirees, government employees, law-enforcement agents, and members of the working-class. The impressive scope recalls some of Frederick Wiseman’s panoramic community portraits (Aspen; Belfast, Maine), but the mosaic-like approach is fresh and surprising. In English and subtitled Spanish.