Slaying Goliath

The Gene Siskel Film Center’s (164 N. State) annual Black Harvest festival wraps up this week with several new programs. Hilla Medallia’s After the Storm documents a New York theater group’s trip to New Orleans to help stage a local musical production in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson’s Slaying Goliath looks at a fifth-grade Harlem basketball team plagued with internal problems as it travels to Florida for the Association of African Universities National Championships (Fri 8/28 and Tue 9/1, 6:15 PM). And Bob Hercules, director of Senator Obama Goes to Africa, profiles Reverend Michael Pfleger, the crusading white pastor at Chicago’s African-American Saint Sabina Church, in Radical Disciple: The Story of Father Pfleger (Fri 8/28, 8:15 PM, and Sun 8/30, 5 PM); both Hercules and Pfleger will take part in a discussion after each screening. A complete schedule is available at