Michael Mann’s latest crime saga involves the timely topic of cyberterrorism, but aside from the special-effects shots of data zipping around a silicon chip as if it were the Autobahn, this doesn’t function much differently from any other cop thriller. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) stars as a master hacker furloughed from prison to help the feds capture a “black hat” who’s taken down a Chinese nuclear plant (Mann never explains how the hero might be capable of doing this after six years in the can, an eternity in the computer world). Hemworth’s wooden performance wouldn’t be nearly as irritating if Viola Davis weren’t stuck playing third fiddle to him as an FBI agent, but then, Davis hasn’t got the abs. Nobody can top Mann’s urban night scenes, with their oily neon and skyscraper light grids, but for the most part this plays like Heat without the heat. Wei Tang costars as a Chinese computer ace crawling all over Hemsworth; with William Mapother and John Ortiz.