The familiar conventions of the boxing movie—the underdog getting his shot, the fighter bonding with his trainer, the hero making a comeback—get a muscular overhaul in this gritty biopic about Vinny Pazienza, known as the Pazmanian Devil. Miles Teller (Whiplash) gives a deft performance as the cocky junior welterweight, who silenced his detractors by jumping two weight classes and becoming super middleweight world champion, only to suffer a broken neck in a car accident shortly afterward. Aaron Eckhart is strong in the quieter role of Pazienza’s downtrodden coach, who drinks but whose vision and instincts are sound. Ciaran Hinds and Katey Sagal play Vinny’s parents, and Ted Levine is a corker as the fighter’s wily manager. Ben Younger (Boiler Room) directed his own script.