The most interesting character in this indie crime comedy is the lawyer. This is only one of the many ways in which writer, director, and producer Hadi Hajaig upends genre tropes and viewer expectations. Inspired by Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild and other wacky American indie films from the 1980s, Hajaig’s caper refuses to take itself too seriously. The plot, centered on a pair of bumbling ex-cons from New York (Sam Rockwell, Ben Schwartz) who accept an offer from the lawyer (Phoebe Fox) that takes them to London to find a rare jewel, matters little in comparison to the funny pop-culture references, visual gags, and character quirks that suffuse it. Most importantly, Hajaig and his actors understand how juxtaposition can be endearing. For example, Fox’s character is a prim Englishwoman who doesn’t realize or care that she’s a messy eater, while Rockwell’s is a violent criminal and a romantic who takes his moral cues from comic books.