Antoine Desrosieres’ modest though self-assured first feature (1994), made when he was only 22, tries to recapture some of Jacques Demy’s romantic whimsy and giddy lyricism; Demy’s son Mathieu is even cast in the lead, as the art-school dropout Thomas who nonchalantly roams Paris looking for a soul mate. The fellow slackers he encounters are given to long morose discourses on relationships, yet he develops an unrequited passion for the fragile and neurotic Marian (Aurelia Thierree). But the sullen-looking Demy comes across more as a passive cipher than a reckless romantic, and Desrosieres’ efforts at lightheartedness and homage seem strenuous. Still, his adoring depiction of the myriad facets of femininity comes close to Demy pere’s enchanted view, and the accordion-driven music is at times exuberant.