This tetchy comedy-drama (2013) details the neuroses of an upper-class Jewish family in New York. There’s a self-absorbed pharmaceutical executive (writer-director Seth Fisher); his uncle, an award-winning playwright who dies while laughing at his own joke (Brian Cox); his father (Mark Blum), who’s enduring an existential crisis; his on-again-off-again shiksa girlfriend (Mei Melancon), who might be pregnant; and his actress stepmom (Leila Robins), who’s considering both plastic surgery and an affair with her gay dog walker. Fisher is a fine actor, but his movie is entirely derivative, a lazy mix of Wes Anderson’s camera movements, Woody Allen’s themes, and James L. Brooks’s grandiloquent dialogue. Cox is pretty amusing as the uncle, seen periodically in excerpts from a Charlie Rose-type interview show that turn him into a one-man Greek chorus.