Key scenes in this corporate thriller by Olivier Assayas (Demonlover, Irma Vep) play out in French or Cantonese, untranslated in the press screener, so I could have missed a few layers of deception and betrayal. But as in Demonlover, the puzzle-box plot matters less than Assayas’s cool mix of elegant imagery and creeping mistrust. The most engrossing scenes, both dominated by the bluish translucence of plate glass, are extended, feline duels between Michael Madsen as a global entrepreneur who’s going down the tubes and Asia Argento as the kinky mistress he once pimped out to his clients. The maniacal new-media scheming of Demonlover is replaced here by a more run-of-the-mill intrigue involving heroin smuggling, though both lead to the same welter of double crosses. With Carl Ng, Kelly Lin, and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. R, 106 min.