In the opening minutes of this documentary, directors Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro cut between shots of a paraplegic Iraq war veteran struggling to pull on his pants and C-Span footage of the U.S. Senate passing the October 2002 resolution that sent him into harm’s way. It’s a powerful rhetorical device that the filmmakers hammer into the ground through endless repetition, though of course moral nuance has never been Donahue’s strong suit. The movie presents in intimate, agonizing detail the physical and emotional trials of Tomas Young, who took a bullet to the spine in April 2004 while riding in an unarmored vehicle in Sadr City and has since become a vocal member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He deserves better treatment from the government than he’s gotten as a returning veteran, and a better movie than this simpleminded indictment of every senator who voted “yea.” 87 min.