Comparisons to Little Miss Sunshine are all but inevitable, but this trenchant and truthful indie comedy masterpiece about a dysfunctional family on a road trip blows that funny little picture out of the water. Ross (Shane Taylor) is an unemployed English housepainter obliged to chauffeur his crotchety pensioner parents to Europe in his equipment-filled van. His emotionally constipated dad (Benjamin Whitrow) wants to apologize to the German village he accidentally dropped a bomb on as an 18-year old RAF pilot, while his doughty mom (Eileen Nicholas) hopes to make a 600-mile side trip to a shoe store in Warsaw. He just wants to get home to his girlfriend before she dumps him. Performances and dialogue are not subject to improvement; writer and first-time feature director Paul Cotter never puts a foot wrong. For more on Cotter and Bomber, see Ed Koziarski’s feature. 84 min.