Born in Medellín, Colombia, in 1932, painter and sculptor Fernando Botero is arguably the world’s most recognized living artist. Through a series of interviews this documentary beautifully tells the story of an intensely private man whose paintings and sculptures blend his observations of everyday people, his reverence for the art of centuries past, his political leanings, and his sense of humor. Without shying away from the controversy he’s faced, the film details how Botero overcame poverty and adversity, including the death of his son, Pedrito, at age four, to win adoration from the art world and the public alike—though he insists that success or no success, he’d have spent his life painting. Whether you cherish Botero’s work or, like some of his critics, deride his exaggerated, voluminous figures as cartoonish, it’s hard to not find inspiration in his indefatigable passion and work ethic, commitment to his family and home country, and love of humanity.