Courtesy Warner Bros.

Aml Ameen stars in, wrote, and directed Boxing Day, which follows Melvin, a British writer living in America, who goes back home to London to introduce his fiancee Lisa (Aja Naomi King) to his Jamaican family. Soon after arrival, Lisa learns that her Prince Charming’s castle is not as pristine as she’d imagined. She learns Melvin ditched his now-pop singer ex Georgia (Leigh-Anne Pinnock) for America without truly resolving things; he hasn’t come to terms with his father (Robbie Gee) stepping out on his mother (Marianne Jean-Baptiste); and his entire family is looking for answers for why he abruptly left London and seemingly cut them off as he gained success.

Taking place the days preceding Boxing Day, a British holiday following Christmas that is celebrated by Britain and most places the British colonized, we see a relationship put to the test and a colorful family full of dazzling personalities shine in this film. With not only Melvin’s Jamaican family, but also the inclusion of other characters of African descent, the film exhibits the multiculturalism of Black London that isn’t often shown onscreen. The story is told in a romantic and loving yet realistic tone that is perfect for the holidays (or those chasing holiday nostalgia at another time of year), because let’s face it: the holiday season isn’t always full of cheer. 109 min.

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