The Boy is back in town. And, oh, how we missed Brahms, the porcelain doll with a wardrobe so dandy he’s able to coax Liza (Katie Holmes) and Sean (Owain Yeoman) into letting their son Jude (Christopher Convery) keep him. This is, of course, a huge mistake, which they may have realized if they considered sooner that Brahms was found in a shallow grave outside a dilapidated estate watched over by creepy caretaker Joseph (Ralph Ineson). Shit inevitably gets weird, working its way to a supernatural crescendo that unfortunately erases the ingenious twist of the third act from 2016’s The Boy. What the film’s director William Brent Bell and writer Stacey Menear do get right, however, is Brahms’s ability to endear himself to those around him. Wait to stream the sequel, but know it’s in preparation for what’s gearing up to become a full-blown franchise, which promises to give the people what they want—more Brahms.