Brave Miss World

Linor Abargil, an Israeli citizen of Moroccan descent, was abducted and raped in 1998, shortly before being crowned Miss World; since then she’s taken advantage of her celebrity to heighten awareness of sexual violence around the globe. For this 2013 documentary, director Cecilia Peck (Shut Up & Sing) followed Abargil to speaking engagements in multiple countries and shows her continuing to struggle with her traumatic experience. To call this a movie would be generous, though: the haphazard editing, patronizing music, and direct-camera appeals evoke reality TV more than anything else, and the incessant, overstated reminders of Abargil’s humanitarianism suggest a feature-length infomercial. Abargil is a hero whose story should be told, but not like this. In English and subtitled Hebrew and Italian.