A vacationing housewife (Licia Maglietta) is so undervalued by her family that when their tour bus departs they don’t realize she’s missing; she sets off for Venice, where she encounters a series of eccentric characters. Silvio Soldini, who directed this 2000 comedy, presents the fabled city as an escapist fantasy: when the housewife arrives, the monumental Piazza San Marco first appears as a reflection in her sunglasses. Bruno Ganz lends a resonant dourness to his role as an Icelandic emigre who’s seen putting a noose around his neck before hearing the housewife enter his apartment; some other characters are a bit silly (like the obese plumber-detective hired to track down the protagonist), but the first half of the film, in which Maglietta gradually discovers herself as something other than a servant, is genuinely engaging. In Italian with subtitles.