An unsentimental perspective distinguishes this 2016 Iranian drama from earlier youth-centered classics such as Majid Majidi’s Children of Heaven (1997) and The Color of Paradise (1999). As the protagonist and narrator, a schoolgirl during the early years of the Islamic Revolution, first-time actor Sareh Nour Mousavi walks a fine line, her character a disarming, gap-toothed daddy’s girl but also an exasperating little rebel inclined to pilfer any interesting book, however unsuitable for her, in their low-income surroundings. When the shah flees Iran, her step-grandmother and widowed father rejoice, but the long war with Iraq increases the family’s hardships and the grown-ups worry about the girl’s marital prospects. Writer-director Narges Abyar peppers her film with simple 2D animated sequences showing the child’s comical takes on the adult world and her love for her father (Mehran Ahmadi), a truck driver more hapless than heroic. In Farsi with subtitles.