In this delirious 1983 remake of Jean-Luc Godard’s 1959 film, director Jim McBride is slavishly faithful to the French version of American popular culture; the petty hoods, big cars, rock music, and comic book heroes the film traffics in are evoked with such cultivated self-consciousness that they seem less American than martian. McBride has chosen lush, oversaturated colors and a dreamlike, romantic tone to tell his story, which makes his film the stylistic opposite of Godard’s dingy, ironic original. Yet the attitudes on display are so distanced and derivative that the picture still seems to have no life or identity of its own. McBride’s presentation of Richard Gere is frankly pornographic, perhaps the only way to handle this Victor Mature of the 80s; Valerie Kaprisky costars—meekly. 100 min.