A cure for superhero movie fatigue, this lean, gory horror film from producer James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) appropriates and subverts the Superman origin story while also cribbing from Carrie and stalker flicks for a mash-up which nonetheless has a coherent narrative and pays off with a bang. Elizabeth Banks and David Denham star as a childless couple who rescue and adopt an alien baby that fell to their Kansas farm in a spacecraft. They’re a happy family until the boy reaches puberty, when his surging hormones unleash volcanic rages and a slew of terrifying abilities like telekinesis, levitation, laser vision, and overpowering physical strength. Angelic-looking Jackson A. Dunn plays the demon child as a petulant psycho, outfitted in a makeshift cape and lucha libre mask, unleashing his wrath on anyone who tells him no. David Yarovesky (The Hive) directed, from Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn’s shivers-inducing screenplay; with Meredith Hagner, Matt Jones, and, in a funny cameo, Michael Rooker as an online conspiracy theorist who finally has good reason to be paranoid.