Brigsby Bear

The rash of real-life cases in which women or children were kidnapped and held captive for years has played out on American movie screens as drama (Room), horror (10 Cloverfield Lane), and now cottage cheese. A teenage boy (Kyle Mooney, who cowrote the script) is rescued by the FBI from a couple who swiped him as an infant, raising him out in the wilderness with no schooling or amusement but their homemade video series starring the giant bear Brigsby. The clueless teen, returned to his awkwardly affectionate birth parents, shares some of his moldering VHS tapes with his new high school friends, and they set out to shoot a homemade video feature starring the bear, whose earlier adventures have become a hit on YouTube. This is a feel-good movie that equates emotional healing with getting lots of people to corroborate your rich fantasy life. Dave McCary directed; with Greg Kinnear, Matt Walsh, Ryan Simpkins, Andy Samberg, Mark Hamill, Claire Danes, and Kate Lyn Sheil.