Broche de Oro: Beginnings

The Puerto Rican geezer comedy Broche de Oror (2012) has never gotten a U.S. release, but this second installment is a prequel, so no advance study is required. Rafael, once a physician, moves into a Catholic retirement community following his wife’s death and gains two sidekicks: the former soap opera heartthrob Pablo and the spastic, stridently wacky Anselmo. Coveting the doctor romantically, and joining the trio in a series of escapades, are three women residents who maintain the local gossip pool. In Hollywood geezer comedies, aging characters are often thrown into hectic physical activities such as skydiving or robbing a bank; by contrast, director Raúl Marchand Sánchez manages to score laughs here from the overwhelming danger and excitement of a field trip to the local shopping mall. In Spanish with subtitles.