Kept out of West Point by poor eyesight, Jake Rademacher got into theater in Chicago; backed by executive producer Gary Sinise, he makes his filmmaking debut with this documentary about his two younger brothers’ experience as soldiers in combat in Iraq. Rademacher drives from Kuwait to Mosul, where brother Isaac is serving with a long-range surveillance company, and later heads off for more adventure with Joe, an army sniper. It’s the epitome of an embedded war report, though Rademacher’s at-ease scenes with the soldiers have some of the warmth and terse humor of Ernie Pyle’s, and there’s some hair-raising footage of a machine-gun firefight. To his credit, Rademacher attends to the families back home and how they adjust to a parent coming and going, but the movie is weirdly skewed by his evident hang-ups about not having served himself. “I don’t know if I’ve earned a seat at the table with Joe,” he concludes near the end, though Joe seems fairly dehumanized by his experience in combat. R, 110 min.