George Butler’s Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry briefly documented Kerry’s service in Vietnam but focused on his antiwar activism afterward. This digital video by Paul Alexander profiles Kerry as part of a six-man crew that patrolled the treacherous Mekong Delta aboard a 50-foot swift boat in the early months of 1969. The ensemble approach is a bit artificial—we all know who this is about—and the starchy locution of Kerry’s testimony, contrasted with the plainspokenness of his four surviving crewmates, subverts any attempt to show him as just one of the guys. Yet the documentary opens out as crew members David Alston and Del Sandusky reveal the emotional problems that dog them to this day; their stories may have been recorded only because Kerry’s running for president, but clearly all five men know the price of war better than the guy in the flight suit. 68 min.