A rather bewildering first feature by Vincent Gallo, the enterprising actor who?s appeared in Arizona Dream, The Funeral, The House of the Spirits, and three Claire Denis features. Gallo plays a petulant loser emerging from prison after serving five years for betting money he didn?t have on the Super Bowl, but the whole time he?s been telling his parents in Buffalo (Anjelica Huston and Ben Gazzara) that he’s happily married and holds down a government job in Washington. He picks a random young woman (Christina Ricci) to impersonate his wife, kidnaps her, and proceeds to browbeat everyone in sight while mysteriously winning not only the full cooperation of his captive but her unbounded trust and affection. There are plenty of ideas floating around in this strange vanity production—most of them stylistic and personal, and some of them rather striking—but few of them seem to connect with one another. Except for Ricci, who plays only a fantasy figure, the actors seem stranded or else encumbered by the strident and repetitive script. Gallo cowrote the screenplay (with Alison Bagnall) and composed the music. With Kevin Corrigan and, in bits, Mickey Rourke, Rosanna Arquette, and Jan-Michael Vincent.