Pussycat Preacher

Presented by Facets Cinematheque (1517 W. Fullerton), these six documentaries, all made in 2008, “represent decidedly unexpected views of the world, each revealing an unseen corner of the planet with passion and humor.”

Reviewing Faubourg Treme: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans, Andrea Gronvall wrote, “With a magisterial sweep, this stirring video by New Orleans native Dawn Logsdon documents the prominence of African-Americans in the Big Easy from colonial times to the present. Treme—today the Sixth Ward—was integrated from its inception as an 18th-century suburb, becoming home to a large number of former slaves who had bought their freedom. These early citizens pursued their education and started businesses prior to the Civil War, and their descendants were the earliest proponents of the civil rights movement. Writer and codirector Lolis Eric Elie, columnist for the Times-Picayune, gives a guided tour of the ward, and the extensive footage shot before Hurricane Katrina underlines the region’s loss.” It screens twice as part of a double feature with Sliding Liberia, about young tourists who arrive in the West African nation looking for surfing action and instead come face-to-face with the aftermath of the 2003 civil war (Fri 10/23, 7 and 9:15 PM).

Also screening this week: Pussycat Preacher, about a stripper and porn star who found Jesus and set out to convert other sex workers (Tue 10/27, 7 PM, and Thu 10/29, 9 PM); A Snowmobile for George, in which filmmaker Todd Darling tows his family snowmobile across the U.S. to make a point about the Bush administration’s environmental deregulation (Tue 10/27, 8:30 PM, and Thu 10/29, 7 PM); Soldiers of Conscience, which profiles eight veterans of the Iraq war, half of whom became conscientious objectors (Wed 10/28, 7 PM); and Murder, Spies, and Voting Lies, about Clint Curtis, the Florida computer programmer who alleged that he was asked to create software to steal Democratic votes in the 2000 presidential election (Wed 10/28, 8:45 PM).