Matt (Paul Denniston) is a half-closeted gay guy whose gullibility, desperation, and lack of social graces at first seem like the result of bad writing, directing, and acting but soon reveal a consistent comic spirit that’s irresistible—his shaky self-esteem and mannered behavior will almost make you twitch. Determined to find that special someone and lose the silly grin that draws bullies like a magnet, Matt enrolls in Butch Camp, an aggressiveness-training program run by Judy Tenuta, who browbeats students to increase their spiritual testosterone levels. This subplot may be emphasized by the title, but most of the movie’s humor, as well as its romance, lies in Matt’s involvement with a male-female couple, half of whose heterosexuality is in question. This movie is a portent of the time when gay lead characters will be plentiful enough that they’re no longer required to be role models or political icons—Matt’s an old-fashioned schlemiel in a half-hokey, half-serious story whose slapstick and reeking scatological humor provide some childish delight. Written and directed by Alessandro de Gaetano.