Carlos Diegues’s allegorical travelogue (1980) about a Brazil that is vanishing before the camera’s eye. A small carnival troupe tours the interior, finding most of its regular stops spoiled by encroaching industrialization. There’s something a little thin and easy in using the omnipresence of television and disco music as the ultimate image of modern corruption, but Diegues, to his credit, avoids the expected sentimental plop for traditional values at the end, and stirs some more complex feelings. Jose Wilker is entertainingly mock-satanic as the troupe leader, though Fabio Junior and Zaira Zambelli, as the two innocents he brings along for the ride, are rather cloying. Still, the scenery is wonderfully seductive in Lauro Escorel Filho’s cinematography. With Betty Faria and Principe Nabor. In Portuguese with subtitles.