Everyone has a breaking point, and James Lavelle, the Irish Catholic priest at the center of John Michael McDonagh’s Calvary, reaches his one afternoon as he’s strolling down a secluded path toward the seaside in his little village of Rush, County Sligo. Encountering a young girl on his walk, the warm-hearted priest (Brendan Gleeson) strikes up a conversation with her, and her saucy attitude seems to lighten the heavy emotional burden he’s been carrying for days. But then their path is cut off by a car screeching to a halt. The girl’s father leaps out of the driver’s seat, demanding to know what the priest was saying to her. “I wasn’t sayin’ anythin’ to her!” Lavelle protests helplessly, but the father doesn’t believe him. He orders his daughter into the car and roars off, his eyes burning into the priest with the certainty that he’s caught a pedophile red-handed. Continue reading >>