“Can—The Infomercial” is more like it. This shoddy profile (1999, 81 min.) of the influential Krautrock band presents a chronology of performance and promotional clips from German and British television, held together by a single interview with the members. Directors Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher provide little insight into what made Can tick or why its work affected so many subsequent artists, and they conclude with a shameless electronic press kit for the 1997 remix album Sacrilege. Most of the clips were shot after the band’s creative peak in the early 70s, though they do offer an entertaining glimpse of the members’ terrible fashion sense. Much better is Can—Free Concert (1972, 52 min.), screening only as part of the Sunday program; directed by Peter Przygodda and shot by Robby Müller, it wisely lets the music speak for itself.