More cool thrills from the military-entertainment complex, with Tom Hanks as the real-life captain of the American shipping vessel hijacked by Somali pirates and rescued by the U.S. Navy in April 2009. Director Paul Greengrass has no peer as a movie dramatist of real-life crises (United 93, Bloody Sunday), and his story, adapted from a memoir by Richard Phillips, is eminently dramatic. Unfortunately, this Oscar bait from Columbia Pictures pursues drama to the exclusion of all else; it’s a curiously well-scrubbed account of modern-day piracy, lacking in political, economic, or even military nuance, and focusing instead on Phillips as a human-interest story (read: white audience-identification figure). As such, it pales in comparison to Tobias Lindholm’s white-knuckle Danish drama A Hijacking or even Thymaya Payne’s documentary Stolen Seas, two recent explorations of Somali crime on the high seas.